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Eliminate Excess Ear Wax in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Are you looking for affordable, fast and effective ear wax removal?

AudiMed are an experienced team of audiologist and microsuction specialists based in Maidstone. We offer ear wax removal in Kent, Maidstone and surrounding areas. If you have an ear wax build-up, you can rely on us to clean your ears.

We take pride in our customer service. We can usually provide ear wax removal on the same day of enquiry. Our prices are also very affordable and start from just £35 for one ear, or £60 for both. The process itself is quick, and you can enjoy restored hearing in under 30 minutes.

We offer a range of other specialist hearing services including hearing assessments, ear moulds and otoscopy. If you are looking for ear wax removal in Kent, Maidstone or South East London, contact us at AudiMed.

About AudiMed

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Our Services



Microsuction is the safest, fastest and most effective treatment for excess ear wax.

Unfortunately, although it is available on the NHS, waiting lists are so long that you may have to wait years before seeing a specialist.

We offer a cost-effective and affordable treatment that is quick and painless. We insert an air suction device into your ear canal to suck up all excess ear wax. Small video cameras allow us to see into your ears, which ensures all treatments are completely safe.

There are a number of reasons why you may have impacted ear wax. If you are elderly, wear a hearing aid or regularly use cotton buds, the risk increases. If you suffer from hearing loss, discomfort or ringing, book a consultation and we’ll identify if ear wax is the source of your problems.

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Other Services

Hearing Assessments (Coming Soon)

Do you think you are losing your hearing? Are certain sounds muffled or hard to hear? There are a number of reasons why you may be suffering from hearing problems. The best course of action is to book a hearing test to identify whether you actually have a problem.

Ear Moulds (Coming Soon)

Ear moulds are used in a variety of settings. You may use an ear mould for swimming, for work purposes or to hear. We can create customised ear moulds which will fit into your ear perfectly so you can wear them comfortably for hours.

Otoscopy (Coming Soon)

An otoscopy is a medical procedure which allows us to inspect the inner structure of your ear including your auditory canal, tympanic membrane and middle ear.

Hearing Aids (Coming Soon)

If you are suffering from hearing problems, a hearing aid is a discreet solution that will give you your hearing back. We can help you find the right hearing aid for your needs.

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Why Choose AudiMed?


 No Long Waiting Lists

Current waiting lists for microsuction on the NHS are extremely long. We don’t have waiting lists and can even accommodate same day bookings.

 We Visit You

There’s no need to leave your home if you need ear wax removal in Kent, Maidstone and South East London. We are a mobile service and we will visit you at no extra charge, whatever the time or day.

 Competitive Pricing

Prices for microsuctioning one ear cost just £35. If you wish to microsuction two ears you only have to pay £60. You will find our prices to be extremely competitive.





Where We Cover

We offer ear wax removal in Kent, The Medway, South East London, Maidstone, Chatham, Bromley, Tonbridge, Gillingham, Orpington, Ashford, Rochester, Bexleyheath, Canterbury, Isle of Sheppey, Welling, Margate and Gravesend.



 Contact AudiMed today on 07908 476530 or info@improvehearing.co.uk to book your appointment.